Discover the meticulous process behind creating the bas-relief plaster wall sculptures of Frédérique and Rob Whittle, from design to installation.


With their experienced artistic skills, they  create a composition specially adapted to your wall space. Provide dimensions and they can start to design your vision.


They then make the sculpture either by modelling the shapes in clay, or directly in plaster.
modelage en terre de l'écorce géante d'un pin
démoulage des feuilles de palmiers sculptées


Molding the sculpture is necessary when the wall panel is modelled in clay. The  silicone mould allows to repeat the same plaster panels.


The wall panels are made of acrylic plaster. Acrylic plaster is a material based on natural mineral crystals. It combines the look and feel of traditional plaster with the strength of a resin. It can be painted on the surface and is classified fire resistant for use in public places.


The panels are ready to install, thanks to an aluminium frame, integrated into the back of the panels.

It allows a simple installation, just like hanging a painting.