For spas, high standard hotels and residences, architects and interior designers will love these bespoke plaster sculpted walls

Boutique LANVIN Paris

Bruno Sialelli, Lanvin Art director, and Molica Kheng, Lanvin store design Director, untrusted Frédérique and Rob Whittle with the creation of the sculpture in low-relief of the staircase, inspired by the emblematic world of Jeanne Lanvin decorator Armand Albert Rateau.
gros plan d'écorce de pin pour ce panneau mural en plâtre


You can find these unique handcrafted bas-relief panels at Monaco’s Thermes Marins, one of the most beautiful  spas in the world.
grand panneau mural avec pomme de pin sculptée en bas-relief


Inspired by pine cones and bark, these decorative panels in relief follow one another, creating a beautiful set leading to the mythical pool of the spa of Monaco.
The pine bark bas-relief pieces can be found framing the idyllic, calm and relaxing environment of Monaco’s Thermes Marins, looking on to the beautiful bay.


This  sculpted plaster panel of lemon trees  was made for London architect Anna Owens, and now lives by an indoor swimming pool.


Villa du Sporting Société des Bains de Mer
Situated in a large circular room overlooking the sea, a calming interior of white plaster decor, where the branches of pine trees intertwine, with the waves lapping gently.


The white waves sculpted in bas-relief take place in this luxurious Monegasque apartment, in total harmony with the monochrome decoration.


In shades of gold, these three panels in bas-relief evoke  musical instruments,  in this somptious apartment in Brussels.
Chevaux au trot


This tryptic bas-relief wall sculpture of horses  trotting through a glade is in a villa in the south of France. The central panel is in fact a concealed door.
Sculpture murale : panneau mural bas relief les girafes


Animals in the jungle mingle and explore the lush tropical vegetation, in an abundance of shapes carved across the surface of a gigantic wall panel, inspired by Decorative Arts.


Playful birds explore the shape of this Ginko tree, in an abundance of shapes carved across the surface of a gigantic wall panel, inspired by Decorative Arts.